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Cici Boyfriend Jeans

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Colour: Light Blue Denim Wash
Fabric: 99% Cotton, 1% Spandex
Model wears: AU Size 7 (W3/25) | True to Size | USA Sizing
Size up if you would like a looser fit.

AU SIZE 6: W1/24: Waist 24"- 25"(61cm-63.5cm), Low Waist 26"-27" (66cm-68.5cm), Hips 32"-33" (81cm-84cm)
AU SIZE 7: W3/25: Waist 25"-26" (63.5cm-66cm), Low Waist 28"-29" (71cm-73.5cm), Hips 33"-34" (84cm-86cm)
AU SIZE 8: W5/26: Waist 26"-27" (66cm-68.5cm), Low Waist 30"-31" (76cm-79cm), Hips 34"-35 (86cm-89cm)
AU SIZE 9: W7/27: Waist 27"-28" (68.5cm-71cm), Low Waist 31"-32" (79cm-81cm), Hips 35"-36" (89cm-91.5cm)
AU SIZE 10: W9/28: Waist 28"-29" (71cm-73.5cm), Low Waist 32"-33" (81cm-84cm), Hips 36"-37" (91.5cm-94cm)
AU SIZE 11: W11/29: Waist 29"-30" (73.5cm-76cm, Low Waist 33"-34" (84cm-86cm), Hips 37"-38" (94cm-96.5cm)
AU SIZE 12: W13/30: Waist 30"-31" (76cm-79cm), Low Waist 34"-35" (86cm-89cm), Hips 38"-39" (96.5cm-99cm)

Another cool jeans reinvention. Hitting the sweet spot between sweet and ragged appeal. Jeans that loved the curves of the body. Slim fit distressed design on the knees and on the rear pocket. Slim fit to flatter the curves. Folded hem at the bottom. Combination of light and dark washed for sizzling appeal.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash inside out in cold water. Do not tumble dry, soak or wash in warm/hot water. Dry in shade.