Here are some steps to get noticed:

  • Register with Hanellei by creating an account.
  • Shop with us and hashtag #hanellei on Instagram.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Female Bloggers between the ages of 16-35
  • Currently has a Hanellei account and previously shopped with us before.
  • Loves blogging about their own individual style and OOTD outfits.
  • Maintains online platforms on their personal blog including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  • Has followers of at least 10K on Instagram or Facebook.

Please send your platform links to We will review them and reply if you are approved. After being approved, you are one of our official Hanellei Fashion Bloggers.

Working with us:

  • We collaborate with Hanellei Fashion Bloggers through products and promotions that are sent from us to you.
  • Bloggers must post pictures of our new products, and promotions on their platforms (via link or tag @hanellei) such as their personal blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All posted photos and comments must contain links/tags to Hanellei's website or @hanellei at all times. 
  • All photos must be posted on your blog and social media platforms within 14 days after receiving the product.
  • Hanellei reserves the right to collect photos from Hanellei Fashion Bloggers for our own brands use via website and social media platforms.