As our clothing is constructed by various designers and labels, we try our best to show the true fit of clothing on our models and also include their sizing in the product description. Actual colours of the clothes are shown to the best of our ability. Colours may show slightly different on other screens.

Please read the fit description in the product details. We will also suggest if there are any sizing differences in the product description. This size chart is based on an average sizing, this is not the definite sizing of a garment.   

Please note:

  • Size chart is in both CM and INCHES.
  • Measurements of the models shown wearing the garments are written in the product description.
  • Measurements may vary 1-2cm due to manual measuring.

If you would like to receive information on the fit or shape of an item, please fill in our contact form or email us at



    SHOES (CM)



    1. Put the tape measure around yourself

      • Do NOT pull it tight
      • Do NOT leave space for how loose you want your shirt to be.
      • DO relax.

      Take a normal breath and measure lightly your bust, waist and hip

    2. Your bust is measured around your back and across your nipples, try keep the tape measure straight (not dipping down around your back)

    3. Your waist is measured around your back and across your navel, or the smallest area where your sides dip in, again try keep the tape measure straight

    4. When taking your hip measurement measure about a hands width down from your waist and slide the tape measure down until you reach the largest part of your lower hip and 'behind'

    5. Look at the chart and find a size closest to your size for a snug fit. moving up the chart depending on how loose you like your garments to fit.

    6. To check the size you chose, use the tape measure and using the measurement you chose put it around you to see how much space there is or measure your favourite fitting t-shirt and choose a size closest to the measurement just taken.